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We have teamed up with to display student artwork on the Artsonia website. We have been members since 2006 and have over 26,000 pieces of art online!

Check out and see for yourself!

Albrecht Elementary School joins thousands of schools from all over the world to showcase student artwork on Artsonia. This project is a wonderful way to integrate technology into the art curriculum and share our treasures with family and friends around the world! Through Artsonia we raise funds for our art program, boost creativity, neatness and self-esteem in our artists, connect with our community, and share the talents in our school. In 2011 we had a student's art piece displayed on the Big Screen Plaza in New York City!

Artsonia is the largest student art gallery on the web, featuring artwork by thousands of students of all ages and nationalities. Visitors can honor our young artists by leaving them comments on the website and joining their Fan Club. Family members can order keepsakes featuring the artist's work, such as t-shirts, coffee mugs, and magnets; and 20% comes right back to our art program! We have had the privilege of seeing numerous families become involved with Artsonia. In the past we have been able to purchase traveling famous artist exhibits, various art materials, two visiting artists, and an Apple Ipad Air. We now have wobble stools for seating in the art room and over half of them were purchased with money earned through Artsonia.

Ask Mrs. Shelton for your student's screenname and security key to access and create your student's online art museum. Their museum will grow with them all the way through 5th grade! This is something they should be very proud of!

To Register: Go to If you are new to this program, start by clicking on Parents at the top of the homepage and click the orange button labeled Start a New Account. Enter the screen name and security key code.

If you are already a member, make sure you have a valid email address listed so you receive recent updates to your student's account and share with your family members around the world!!

It's free, and it shows your support of your child and our art program.