College Visit Questions

Questions to ask:

  1. How many large lectures will I have?
  2. Do I need an audition or portfolio?
  3. Do professors teach undergrad courses or do graduate students?
  4. Are professors easy to reach?
  5. What about internships?
  6. What about study abroad?
  7. How soon am I enrolled in the college/major of my choice?
  8. Is there a “wait list” or are requirements subject to change?
  9. What % of grads find work related to their major and where?
  10. What % of grads are accepted into professional programs i.e. medical, pharmacy, vet, dental schools?
  11. What % of students pass their boards or professional exams (teaching, nursing, etc…)
  12. Will I graduate in 2, 4, or 5 years?
  13. Where/who is my academic advisor and how do I make an appointment?
  14. Am I required to live on campus (and for how long)?
  15. Where is the financial aid office?
  16. How do I locate an on-campus job?
  17. What about the ‘undecided' student?
  18. How about transfer students? When should I transfer?
  19. What computers or specialized facilities are available for students - fitness center, banking, and health...
  20. Do most students stay on campus during weekends?
  21. What do students do for fun (clubs, extracurricular activities)?
  22. Do you offer my major?
  23. How much will this college cost?
  24. What about scholarships?
  25. What about campus security?
  26. Do I really need a car?
  27. Does the pizza delivery guy accept debit cards?