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School District of Brodhead COVID-19 update: 7-7-20

I hope your summer is off to a good start and you are safe and healthy.  I wanted to provide an update to our reopening plans for 2020-21.  Our COVID Committee has met twice and will be meeting again on July 8.  Our objective is to have a plan that we can present to the Board for approval at a Special Meeting on July 22. 


We enter this process knowing that we will not be able to satisfy everyone.  Our decisions are based on data from parent and staff surveys, guidance from local/state/national health departments, information from other school districts, and committee member feedback.  Our goal is to develop a plan that the majority of our residents/students can feel the most comfortable with.  We want to provide the healthiest/safest plan possible for our students while still allowing for some semblance of normal school interactions/activities.


2020-21 School Year:

  • As you know, we have developed a committee of Parents, Staff, Administrators, and Board members to work on reopening plans for the 2020-21 school year.I want to thank the following committee members for their willingness to develop these plans; Brandi Withrow, Rhonda Olson, Thea/Seth Engen, Stephanie Tresemer, Amber Rear, Steve Krupke, Laura Powers, Dave Novy, Lisa Semrow, Jim Matthys, Mike Krupke, Don Buchanan, and Jodi Kail.


  • We have had two meetings and will have a third on July 8.We have a preliminary plan based on criteria from Green County that will determine which plan our schools will operate in.We are still working on defining the criteria, but the plans will be:


    • A- 100% Face-to-Face, with services for parents who choose not to send students to school.
    • B- Blended/alternating day schedule, half face-to-face/half virtual, half the students come on Monday/Thursday and the other half on Tuesday/Friday.Wednesday would be a virtual learning/cleaning day.Attendance every day would be expected.
    • C- 100% Virtual Learning, with expectations, learning targets, mandatory attendance, and grading.


  • Since the majority of the staff has used/been trained in Google Classroom, we will continue to use that platform for instruction.We will also be setting up a link that parents can access for weekly teacher lesson plans as well as student assignments, assessment dates, and other content-related materials.


  • At our next meeting we will be reviewing these plans, discussing the criteria for switching from one plan to the next, and discussing the specific issues that we will need to be decided like face coverings, breakfast/lunch, recess, and so on.

Food Service:

  • If you signed up, please remember to pick up your meals on Mondays, between 11:00-12:00.We ordered meals based on the number of people that signed up and we are trying to avoid excess waste/cost.There have been a lot of leftover meals because people are not picking them up.If you do not wish to participate any longer, contact the District Office at (608) 897-2141 and we will remove you from the list.Again, we are trying to avoid waste and extra cost to purchase these meals.


I have attached a summary of the parent survey results.  Thank you to those of you that completed the survey.  Also, thanks for your patience and understanding as we work through this situation.  I will continue to update you when I have new information to share.


Thanks and stay safe.

Leonard Lueck
Brodhead Superintendent


Parent COVID Survey Results