Kobussen Buses Ltd
Brodhead Terminal
Dispatch - Option 1 (5:45am – 5:00pm / Mon-Fri During The School Year)
Student Not Riding / Riding – Option 2 (Before/After Regular Business Hours)
Recruiting Hotline – Option 3

 Terminal Staff Directory:

Drew Burns
Terminal Manager
Ext. 1806
[email protected]

Elizabeth Dischler
Safety Director
Ext. 1809
[email protected]

 Amy Townsend
AM Dispatch (5:45am -8:00am)
Routing Specialist (8:00am – 2:45pm)
Ext. 1803
[email protected]

Casey Ryan
Dispatch (8am-5pm)
Ext. 1807
[email protected]

Brodhead School District: (608) 897-2141 [ext. 172, Tonya Buttke]


Every winter schools face the possibility of having to close due to hazardous weather conditions or heating equipment failure. Likewise, every winter students and parents want to know how they will find out if school is closed.

If the Brodhead Schools are to be closed, an announcement will be made as soon as possible (usually about 6:30 a.m.) via School Messenger. This is an automatic calling system we implemented last year. If you are not already signed up for School Messenger you can sign up by texting, “yes” to 68453. Announcements will also be posted on the following radio stations: WEKZ 1260 AM or 93.7 FM, WJVL 99.9 FM, or WOLX 94.9 FM. The following television stations will also make the announcement: WISC-TV Channel 3, WMTV Channel 15, WKOW Channel 27, and Brodhead’s Channel 98 on cable. Any closings will also be posted on the home page of our District website

It is possible school will operate on a delayed schedule. This decision is made if a storm has passed through and highway crews will have the roads clear prior to 9 a.m. When school is to start one or two hours later than normal, buses will operate accordingly. There will be no early childhood or half day 4k classes. Students should be alert for buses on days such as this because timing can be affected by the road conditions.

Another possibility is that school may have to close early due to a storm situation. This can cause considerable problems for families where children may be coming home to an empty house if they get home earlier than normal. If weather conditions are bad, parents are encouraged to listen to one of the stations listed above.

Any early school closing will be announced as far in advance as possible. Parents are encouraged to make plans for their children in case school should close early. If a child knows he/she should go to a neighbor’s house in advance of these situations, it can avoid many problems.

We ask that students and parents please refrain from calling the schools or school personnel to ask about school closings. This will only tie up phone lines and cause communication problems. If there is no announcement regarding the closing of school or a late start, it means school will operate on a normal schedule.