Academic Support Program

Academic support is a structured classroom environment where teachers serve as a resource and support for students assigned to the program. In addition the student's expectations are that they will devote their academic support towards their improvement in academics. In order to create a supportive environment the following guidelines have been established:

Teacher Responsibilities:

Monday - Attendance
- Cover the missing assignments / expectations with students individually.
- Teachers will have access to all missing work and current grades.
- Assess student's study skills / organization.
- Guided work time.
- Peer tutoring.
- Collect work and return to teacher.

Tuesday - - Attendance
- Grade review with each student individually along with review of missing assignments.
- Aid student with organizational / study skills needed.
- All missing assignments should be in student's possession.
- Each student should leave on Tuesday knowing their grades and their missing work.
- Guided work time.
- Peer tutoring.
- Collect work and return to the teacher.

Wednesday Attendance
- Individual conferencing with each student to monitor progress.
- Review missing assignments starting with students that are F / D students and work up to the A/B students.
- Aid student with organizational study skills needed.
- Peer tutoring.
- Collect work and return to teacher.

Thursday Attendance
- Individualized conference to assess progress.
- Individualized work time with staff support.
- Peer tutoring.
- Collect work and return to teacher.

Friday Attendance
- Grade check with each student.
- For failing students create an action plan for the weekend.
- Email parents on the student's progress for the week.
- Inform students of the next week's plans.
- Collect work and return to teacher.
- Clubs / Organization Meetings

Student Responsibilities:

There will be a binder for each class in the LMC. The binder will have a log sheet for each student to complete showing their progress. Each day this must be filled out and placed back in the binder for the next day. This ensures we are making progress and multi teachers may assess the progress.

  • All students assigned will meet in the LMC by 2:40. Be on time.
  • All students will move to an academic room.
  • Absolutely no electronic devices are allowed.
  • Academic resource meets from 2:40 to 3:10 daily.
  • As in any class. All school rules apply including tardiness and absence.
  • Academic resource is part of the school day. School ends at 3:10.
  • Academic resource is a class. The only difference is that it is focused on the student's individual academic progress.
  • The room is to be conductive to studying. Students should come with the expectation that they will be studying and working on homework. This is not a time to relax, talk, and hang out.
  • Talking should be to a low level so the teachers cannot hear it. Group work is encouraged but must keep volume levels down.
  • Students are to be in the LMC until the bell unless they have a pass to work in another room.
  • Students in the resource have priority on technology in the computer labs.

Resource Time for freshmen:

  • Students will rotate between 4 teachers on a 4 day rotation.
  • Friday's are days students can earn a free period by:
    • No missing assignments
    • All classes have a quarter grade above a D+
    • Have no discipline referrals.
  • qTime for reading and writing
  • Math review / re-teach
  • Study skills to be successful at HS level
  • Character Ed. Program
  • Guided Study Hall Time
  • Special Ed would report to their teacher for additional resource

Resource Time for Soph / Jr / Sr

  • Teachers must have grade books updated by 9 am
  • Students will be notified in their 4th Hr class if they are to attend resource the following week.
  • All students with any missing assignments, or a grade of D / F, will be required to attend on a week by week basis. Teachers may also request by 9 am on Friday.
  • Students not attending will be considered to be truant.
  • ALL staff will have a teaching or supervision during the resource time. This is not a prep time. You must be working with students.
  • All students not required to attend will have option of :
    • Attending resource for extra help
    • Gym / Weight room will be open
    • Computer labs will be available. (D2, Business Lab, Tech Ed)
    • May be excused at 2:40.
  • Fridays will be designated for clubs / organizations to meet. Staff must be informed a week in advance of a meeting.
  • Provides time for students who are in credit recovery to take online courses with teachers available to assist.
  • Low 15% in Math / English will have an assigned intervention time.

(Review / Re-teach) These students will be progress monitored bi weekly using computerized monitoring.