Q:Is Brodhead High School an open campus school?
A:No it is not.
Q:What supplies will high school students need?
A:Students should use their own judgment when choosing supplies for high school. If any specific supplies are needed for a class, the teacher will let students know on the first day of school.
Q:How can I request a transcript?
A:Transcripts can be requested in several ways. First, you can request one in person by visiting the main office and signing a release of information form. Second, you can make the request via fax; our fax number is 608-897-3026. Third, you can email Mrs.Leifker in the main office by selecting our directory page and clicking on the email icon. You will need to provide the following information: first and last name (maiden name if married), year of high school graduation, and an address where you would like the transcript sent. Requests cannot be made via phone.
Q:What are the graduation requirements?
A:Brodhead requires a total of 24 credits in order to graduate and are as follows: 4 credits of English, 3 credits of social studies (1.5 of world history and 1.5 credits of US history), 2 credits of math, 2 credits of science (1.0 credit of a biological science), 1.5 credits of physical education, .5 credits of health, .5 credits of personal finance, and 10.5 credits of electives. In addition, all students are required to complete a senior project.
Q:What is a senior project?
A:The senior project is a 20 hour community service based project that is required of all students in order to receive a Brodhead High School diploma. Towards the end of the junior year, all students receive a packet of information that breaks down the requirements of the project. Specifics include journal entries, visual aids such as a power point, pictures or a video, a resume, and a final presentation. While the project may seem to be a big deal, most students find that, in the end, it is a rewarding experience and helps them learn to set goals, plan, and accomplish something that helps the community at large.