What is it??

Mentorship is a small study hall for high school students without exceptional education needs. Anyone may be in Mentorship. Most kids refer themselves.

What would I do there?

  • Work on homework
  • Receive academic support such as tutoring, proof reading, and test preparation, study in groups

Can I still go to the library or work on computers?

Absolutely! Mentorship students are still able to use the library and computers are available in the mentorship room. A copy machine is located next door in the main office if students need to print off materials (it's better than a regular study hall).

What are the advantages of being in Mentorship?

The Mentorship instructor, Mr. Pickett, knows all the teachers and their curriculum. He knows what their tests look like, what they expect on papers, and even has review sheets prepared for various subjects. Regular study hall teachers don't know this information.

Who would want to join Mentorship?

  • Students who want extra help with organization
  • Students who may struggle in one or more classes
  • Students who prefer to work in a smaller study hall with some assistance
  • Students who transfer to the high school later in the year
  • Students who have missed school and have makeup work to do

Who do I contact if I would like to join Mentorship?

See Mrs. Flory, School Counselor, or talk with Mr. Pickett, Mentorship Instructor.