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Welcome to the Brodhead High School Counseling Page
My name is Amber Talcott and I am the School Counselor at Brodhead High School.  A little about me; I was born and raised in California.  Summer 2021, my husband and our two children moved across the country to Wisconsin to be closer to family.  In my spare time, when there is any, I enjoy reading, singing, music, watching interesting shows, biking, making soap, experiencing nature and taking nature photography.  I attended California State University, Stanislaus where I earned my bachelor’s degree in Psychology with a Developmental Concentration and later my master’s degree in Education: School Counseling.  I have worked in education since 2007, multiple years as a Special Education teacher and then transitioned some time ago to being a school counselor.  I was hired in 2021 to be the school counselor for Brodhead High School.

As a school counselor, my role is to be a professional, warm, genuine sounding board for students, collaborating and advocating to improve students’ lives.  I work with students as well as teachers, administrators, parents and community organizations.  We all have the same goal; student success!  Counselors are given the task of helping students better themselves and function more successfully in their educational lives by facilitating and assisting in academic and career exploration and learning as well as mental health and social and emotional development.  Counselors mentor and build upon the knowledge and skills of their students.  When a student hits a roadblock, the counselor is there to listen and aid the student in resetting their course and revising or continuing on with their plan for success.  Counselors must help students recognize that their obstacles do not have to define them or their future.  I believe it is the counselor’s job to bolster students’ desire and drive for life-long self-reflection and growth while offering the students a welcoming place in which to thrive.

I am excited to continue my career in counseling here at Brodhead High School!  You can connect with me anytime by email or by calling the school.  

Together in Education,

Amber Talcott

[email protected]

(608) 897-2155 ext. 130
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"Prepare the child for the road, not the road for the child."  - Folk wisdom

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