Scholarships vary with criteria, major, college, service, and extra curricular activities. Students should access the following 4 areas to get the most information regarding scholarships: 1) their intended college, 2) free and legitimate scholarship searches (several listed below), 3) non-local scholarship information from their high school counselor (register to receive my group emails), and 4) Brodhead specific local scholarships (not included on this list and available in March).

Note - my group email list and Facebook page is more inclusive than the list below.


Scholarships are available in the counseling office. They are listed according to due dates. Students are responsible for knowing specifics about due dates and are strongly encouraged to submit materials early.

C = good for 4 year college

T = good for technical college

No deadline: Tip Grant applications are in the high school guidance office. Not all items need to be mailed at the same time. Start the application process early. Need based. See Mrs. Flory with questions.

Other Resources: Scroll to the bottom if you don't want to begin by completing a questionnaire. Click on scholarships by type for more info. Just as this says, but please read the disclaimer. Note that other scholarships are available for students for these colleges, and for colleges not listed. It pays to look and contact the schools.

Please check the colleges you are applying to for freshmen scholarships. You may find this information on their websites typically under financial aid/scholarships.