Work Force/Undecided Senior Newsletter

Congratulations on your recent graduation. You are now entering a new phase of your life. Before this takes place, I would like to share some information I have gathered. You have indicated to me that you are either uncertain or are planning on entering the job force. The Wisconsin Job Center provides a wealth of information for students, like you, who have just graduated from high school but who are either uncertain what to do with their future or who plan to enter the job market.

Please feel free to contact the Wisconsin Job Center to take advantage of their resources. There is a location in Janesville which serves our community (Green and Rock Counties). The Job Center provides assistance with the following:

  • resume writing,
  • cover letter and application completion,
  • job searches,
  • child care,
  • employment and job skills, just to name a few.

Since several agencies and colleges work with the Job Center, the resources provided and knowledge available is tremendous!

The first step, which takes about 3 minutes, is to go the Job Center and register on Job-Net. Someone is available to help you do this. Once this happens, you have access to jobs in Green, Rock, Dane and neighboring counties. You may select jobs, which are either temporary or permanent, based on your interests. You can easily find out how and where to apply. In some cases, applications are at the Job Center.

If you need assistance in maximizing your job search, please schedule an appointment by calling 608-901-5700 or visit Wisconsin Job Center  If you go on the website, you can also email the Job Center.

If plans change and you apply to a college, you must request that your final transcript be mailed to the college of your choice. We will be happy to mail your final transcript but in order to do this you must first do the following: 1) in writing, request where your transcript is to be sent; 2) include your signature. It is important to know that once you graduate, your parents may not make this request. This is one disadvantage to getting older J. Please share this information with your parents and best wishes.