Welcome to Brodhead Middle School 8th Grade Health

Our Philosophy:

Brodhead Middle School 8th grade health education class will focus on the importance of students being held accountable for living a healthy lifestyle. We will also focus on their personal responsibilities and decision making in order to live a healthy lifestyle. Health Education class will present the following objectives:

  1. Students will know that wellness involves the growth, development, and maintenance of a person's physical, intellectual, social, and emotional health practices.

  2. Students will understand that an individual can prevent many health problems and disease by following positive health practices.

  3. Students will understand the benefits of a chemically-free lifestyle, and be aware of the harm that drug use causes them and others around them.

  4. Students will understand that a healthy and responsible lifestyle aids in prevention of communicable and non-communicable disease.

  5. Students will understand the interrelationship of systems of the body.

  6. Students will understand the skills required to develop and maintain healthy and responsible relationships during both adolescence and adulthood.

  7. Students will understand the benefits of establishing a pattern of behavior which will result in achieving habits conducive to lifelong fitness.

Our Goal:
To teach each student how to live a positive and healthy lifestyle using the skills and knowledge taught in this class.