Peer Mediation

Brodhead Middle School’s Peer Mediation Program is up and running!

Peer mediation is an opportunity for students to work out problems or concerns. Students are able to talk confidentially with each other face to face, without interruptions, so that each person can be heard. Once a problem is defined, solutions are created and agreed upon. Most mediations last 20 minutes or less.

Mediation is helpful because conflicts that are not resolved can end up in fights or a loss of friends. Students learn through mediation how to resolve conflicts in a peaceful way. Sometimes it’s helpful for younger students to have an older student listen and help them with the process. Mediation is not a punishment. 

Mediations are confidential - mediators will not talk about the conflict with other students. Mediators are not “judges” and will not take sides. Mediations are not mandatory; students will be invited to participate and have the choice to opt out. 

Typical problems handled in mediation include: rumors, gossiping, name calling, conflicts between students and friends, and sometimes bullying.

Students may refer themselves or teachers may sometimes refer students for peer mediation. If you have questions or concerns about this program, please reach out to Jessica Gardipee, the school counselor, at (608)897-2184 ex. 220 or [email protected]