Teen Issues/Study Tips

Health and Body: Keep in mind that these links may provide some information. However, students with concerns are encouraged to seek the advise of a trusted adult such as a parent or professional.

Teen Health - Includes articles, advise, and information on a variety of physical and mental health issues.

It's My Life - Areas of interest include emotions, school, body, friends, family, and money.

Campaign for Real Beauty - For girls only, log on to this site and highlight the link 'campaign for real beauty'. Click on the 'girls only' link to take quizzes and learn what beauty is really all about.

Study Tips: Looking for tips to help you in the classroom?

Study Tips for Teens - Articles on test anxiety, test taking tips,and how to get along with your teachers.

How to Study - A study skills resource site.

What's your learning style? Learning styles help dictate the type of study strategies that are MOST helpful for you! Here are a couple to try (have a parent or school professional help you if you don't understand all the phrases used).